Biomass Trader


Biomass Trader is a network of regional biomass marketplaces. The service is free to use for buyers and sellers as well as givers and takers of biomass and biomass-derived products. To get started, find your regional marketplace in the list on the right.

Raw biomass generally is considered 'waste' and can include:

  • Waste wood, wood chips sawdust, bark and other woody waste.
  • Yard trimmings, grass and leaves.
  • Manure, poultry litter, slaughterhouse and fishery waste.
  • Residues from food processing, paper processing, cotton processing and other organic industrial waste.
  • Food waste, paper and other organic municipal solid waste.
  • Energy crops, crop residues and residues from crop processing such as fruit stones, stems and stalks, straw and husks.

Biomass-derived products can include:

  • Compost for soil enrichment.
  • Fuel such as methane, butane, ethanol, biodiesel and other gaseous and liquid fuels.
  • Charcoal, pellets or briquets for use as solid fuels.
  • Mulches, slurries and other ground-treatments.
  • Biochar for use as a soil amendment or as fuel.